Mar 2014

Anyone with any involvement with Emotional Intelligence and particularly credibility assessment will be constantly faced with a moral dilemma. What right do we have to that information we have been able to collect? What motives do we have for collecting ...

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Facial expressions of emotions are not culturally universal?

A recent study has been carried out by Lisa Feldman Barrett that is attempting to gain attention to her work in the field of universality of emotion. Unfortunately the research efforts were misdirected as they only looked at one aspect ...

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Research in emotional and behavioural defensive techniques in Basketball.

Michael Nichols, Jordan Lansley Emotional Intelligence Academy, Manchester, UK 20 January 2014 An observational study of behavioural cues from attacking players from a defenders perspective in Basketball that might indicate intent; thereby enabling a defender to be proactive in breaking ...

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Feb 2014

Anyone that works with body language and in particular facial expressions can appreciate that it is rare to get a pure, and obvious facial expression.  Commonly we see blends of expressions, where one emotion is masked by another, or where ...

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No. So lets step back on this leap too far on what they are and what they mean. What are micro facial expressions? Micro expressions are very brief facial expressions, lasting less than a 1/5th of a second. Haggard and ...

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